As a plan sponsor, you have the fiduciary responsibility of implementing and monitoring a successful investment program for your plan participants.

Through our Investment Management Consulting Group, we will assist you in your fiduciary responsibility by implementing a formal and prudent investment process in the selection and periodic monitoring of your plan’s investment options.


  • We assist in the design of the investment policy, which provides ground rules for the selection of the plan’s investments1, as well as setting criteria for the evaluation and monitoring of the investment options available in the plan.
  • Once an investment policy is approved, we will provide guidance in the selection of the particular investment options.


Once the plan’s investment options have been selected, we provide ongoing support for your investment program, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Our quarterly investment options review will:

  • Monitor performance compared to a market index and industry peers
  • Monitor risk statistics and expense ratios
  • Review the plan’s asset allocation
  • Provide recommendations for investment1 replacements, as necessary

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