Your family is growing. Children are a blessing, but they also raise many concerns that you should address.


  • Check your life insurance policy or buy one if you haven’t done it yet. Now there’s a life depending on you; make sure your child is taken care of if you die. A life insurance policy will provide for your child’s education, sustenance and wellbeing. Choose between term life and permanent life insurance.


  • Write a will. 


  • Buy disability insurance. If you’re not able to work, who will take care of your children? This product gives you peace of mind by knowing that you may still care for your children, even if you’re disabled.


  • Check your health insurance coverage and join a family health plan. If your employer provides a health plan, find out the deadline for enrolling your child.


  • You may be thinking of getting a new car. If so, check you insurance policy and consider increasing the personal liability coverage in case of an accident. Ask your insurance agent for an umbrella policy that helps you protect your financial assets in case that you’re sued for a car accident or an accident at home.


  • At this stage, you will have increased you assets. Consider an umbrella policy to expand your liability coverage in case of a lawsuit.


  • Also consider protecting all your belongings with a Personal Package. You may save you money by including your Auto and Property coverage in a single policy.


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