I'm Getting Married


You are starting a very important stage of your life. You’ll be joining a partner for life to establish common goals and generate wealth for your new family.

  • Purchase a life insurance policy or review the one you curretly have. Consider naming your spouse as beneficiary. The benefit of a life insurance policy does not form part of the estate of inheritance; by naming your spouse as the beneficiary of the policy you will give greater financial security to your partner if you die.


  • You may also acquire a term life insurance policy to pay off your first mortgage if you die, or pay off personal loan or credit card debt. These insurance premiums could be included in the monthly debt payment.


  • Buy disability insurance. If for any unforeseen reason you become sick, or disabled, and lost your capacity to generate income, long-term disability insurance can help you to maintain your financial independence and your current lifestyle. It can also help you cover expenses associated with a disability and to protect your assets.


  • Check your health insurance and join a plan for couples or families to cover your spouse. Unexpected illnesses could have serious financial consequences for you and your new family.


  • If each one has a car, consider consolidating them under the same policy. This will probably save you money. Make sure that you and your spouse are both named in the car insurance policy. This will make it easier to make changes in the policy or to file claims.


  • You should protect three things in your new home: 1) the structure; 2) your personal property and 3) your personal liability for whatever happens inside your home. With a Homeowner's Policy you can cover all three in one policy. If you already have a policy, review the limits to ensure that your needs are properly covered at this stage.


  • Consider a Personal Package policy.  It will allow you to combine your new home, your cars and your personal liability.


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