Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals, acquire your possessions and save for this stage of your life.


  • Now more than ever your must review your property, liability and auto policies to protect your assets from a natural disaster, an accident or a lawsuit. We recommend that you buy a  Personal Packagewhere you combine all your risks.


  • Review your life insurance policies and your insurance needs. Evaluate if you still have mortgage loans from your main residence or a second home, or if you still have someone who financially depends on you, such as a grandchild or a disabled child.


  • If you’re married, take into account that if you die your spouse could outlive you for many years without receiving your retirement benefits, such as Social Security. If you don’t have a life policy, you may still qualify.

Our licensed insurance professionals are ready to guide you.  For additional information, please call us at (787) 706-4111 or  contact us for a quote.