I'm Single


During this stage of your life you are beginning to accumulate properties. Most certainly you are working and generating your own income. You should begin to think about an insurance plan starting now.


  • Buying a life insurance at an early age will give you better options and will guarantee your insurability. The age at which you buy your life insurance policy, as well as your general state of health, have a direct influence on the cost of the life insurance premium.


  • If you study and live with your parents, most certainly you will be covered by your parents’ health insurance or the one provided by the government. Take into account that this coverage will expire once you graduate. You should then get your own medical insurance or use the one provided by you employers once you begin to work.


  • If you work, it’s possible that your employer will offer you health insurance. Consider signing up, since unexpected accidents and illnesses could have serious financial effects for you and your family.


  • If you have your own car and it’s financed, your financial institution will require a car insurance to protect the loan’s balance. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take care of yourself. We suggest that you get  a full cover.


  • If you rent consider getting a renter's policy to protect your personal effects. The insurance policy of property’s owner will not necessarily protect your belongings.


  • If you own a mortgaged property, your financial institution will require you an insurance to protect the structure. You should complement that insurance and protect yourself against other risks. Ask our licensed insurance professionals to talk to you about a Homeowner's Policy.



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