Popular’s evolution has been made possible by our people and by the principles that identify us.


An era of transformation

Discover the 25 years of great challenges and accelerated changes that transformed Popular and the Puerto Rican banking industry.

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Colorful art depicting the transformation of Popular through the years from 1994 to 2017

Our People, Creed, Vision and Values

The men and women that work for our institution, from the top executives to the employees that carry out the most routine tasks, feel a special kind of pride while serving our clientele with care and dedication.

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Four employees of the Nuestra Gente group of Popular

Our Management

Men and women who work for our institution, from top executives to the employees who perform routine tasks, feel a special pride in serving our customers.

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Group of hands gathered to celebrate victory

Our diversity policy

We recognize the challenges minorities and women, in general, face in our society, and are passionate about creating and expanding an inclusive corporate community and a diverse supplier base, where individual and generational similarities and differences are respected and valued as key aspects of our organization.

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Group of businessmen sitting at a table smiling

Populoso visits you!

Populoso visits and educates you on the importance of saving money, starting at an early age. Through visits and presentations, Populoso transmits his advice with stories, dances and songs.

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Populoso dressed in suit and yellow tie