Secured Personal Loan

Consolidate debts, enjoy the vacation of your dreams, or make home improvements with a secured personal loan. To apply, you can use your savings account or a Certificate of Deposit as collateral. The collateral lowers the interest rate on the loan, while it covers your debt in case you cannot pay for it in the future. When you finish paying your loan, the collateral and accrued interests are released.

You can choose between two options of secured personal loans:

With amortization

It offers you a low monthly payment when you give cash collateral. You earn interest for the collateral, and after paying the loan the collateral and interests are released.

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Without amortization

The monthly payment is applied only to the interest. The first monthly payments will be lower because you're only paying interest. You can also contribute to the principal balance whenever you want, without penalties.

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Secured personal loan offers you:

Amounts from $2,000 up to 100% of the balance in the account offered as guarantee 

12-120 months terms, depending on the amount requested 

APR staring in 6.95%1 

0.25% discount for using Direct Payment

Earn interests on the loan guarantee 


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