Planning for the future is the key to achieving peace of mind. Our trustworthy, highly qualified team of experts can help you organize your present to enjoy a better future.

Planning for the future is essential.

You have goals for every stage of life. Our team of experts will provide individualized financial orientation, plans, and solutions designed specifically for you and your peace of mind.

To turn your goals into reality, our process begins with getting to know you, developing a tailored strategy and turning that strategy into action.

Available Plans

Taking care of your finances through a well thought out financial planning process allows you to prepare for the future calmly. Our team of experts will address every aspect, including:

    • Identify your goals
    • Evaluate your assets and liabilities composition
    • Analyze your cash flow and debt management
    • Establish a budget
    • Maximize diversification of current assets to fit your needs and profile as an investor
    • Identify the tax impact of your investment portfolio and develop an efficient strategy
    • Develop an investment policy
    • Project college education costs
    • Evaluate financing alternatives
    • Create efficient investment strategies
    • Explore payment options
    • Design strategies to accumulate funds for qualified and non-qualified retirement plans
    • Evaluate strategies to mitigate the impact of inflation on the assets available for retirement
    • Anticipate sources of income during your financial independence
    • Identify your tax profile and opportunities for savings
    • Determine a tax efficient business entity
    • Tax analysis on special transactions:
      • retirement plans distribution
      • sale or liquidation of capital assets or a business
      • sources of income from other jurisdictions
      • stock options, and others
    • Evaluate tax impact in the distribution of retirement assets
    • Identify risks that could cause a financial distress and quantify insurance needs, if any
    • Review current policies
    • Design financial and asset-protection strategies through insurance products
    • Design strategies to protect your loved ones
    • Identify possible tax implications on your estate and analyze mitigation alternatives, including donations
    • Review your current succession plan: wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, among others
    • Develop strategies to preserve your capital
    • Align your business succession and personal plan
    • Evaluate your current business entity
    • Analyze strategies for the succession or sale of a family business
    • Design a Buy and Sell Agreement or revise an existing one making sure that the expectations of owners or stockholders are met
    • Establish financial strategies that support the Buy and Sell Agreement

A Team at your Service

To help you accomplish your financial objectives, you will have a team of highly qualified specialists:

  • Certified Financial Planners (CFP®)1
  • Certified Public Wealth Advisor (CPWA®)2
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and attorneys at law.