Your finances are in the hands of a team of experts that includes professionals specialized in Investment Banking. They provide solutions to private and public entities, including the government of Puerto Rico, its agencies and public corporations, and local institutions of various sectors. They will assist you to access a range of products and services so that you can access the capital markets and take advantage of the innovations it offers.

As a client, you benefit from the knowledge of this team, since it identifies, structures and executes diverse and innovative investment banking services, including the management of municipal and corporate bond issuances, private placements and the subscription of equity securities, and debt instruments. Also, they structure products for you with contributory advantages and provide general financial orientation on mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, business valuation and project financing. You deserve innovative proposals that give you peace of mind, that's why our team has a close relationship with globally recognized companies specialized in particular industries.

To be able to have more options and opportunities to care for and grow your capital, the proposals contemplate a global and local approach.