Safety measures at automatic teller machines (ATMs)

What we do to keep you safe?

  • We have security cameras at all our ATMs.
  • Our branch ATMs have security guards during business hours.

What can you do to be safe at?

  • Look for a safe and well-lit ATM, and try to go with someone.
  • Keep an eye out on your surroundings before starting your transaction.
  • Cover the ATM number pad with your hand, or lean your body towards the ATM to block others from viewing your transactions.
  • Do not write your secret number (PIN) on the back of your card, its storage sleeve or envelope.
  • Never count your cash at the ATM. Wait until you get to a safe place.
  • If a robber demands the cash you withdrew, do not resist and hand it over.
  • If you make transactions at the drive-thru teller, keep your car’s engine running, your doors locked, and only open the driver’s window.
  • Sign up for Mi Banco Alerts to receive notifications of all your ATM withdrawals.

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