Banco Popular is the only bank with a Foreign Exchange Department in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It offers a wide variety of products and services to meet the needs of tourists, individuals and commercial clients. 

Services and products:

Purchase and sale of foreign currency1

Available throughout all branches in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Tortola or the Foreign Exchange Department at the lobby of the BPPR Building at Stop 22, Santurce.

Foreign Exchange Drafts
International drafts in all major foreign currencies to make your payments abroad. Drafts are available in our Foreign Exchange Department and throughout all of our branches. Drafts can easily be redeemed at the banks drawn against and are treated as local checks avoiding extra charges if processed through collections.

Cable Fund Transfers in foreign currencies2
Banco Popular maintains accounts in various countries enabling customers to send their electronic wire transfers in several currencies. Having these accounts, allows Banco Popular to offer more competitive rates at a local level. Contact our International Banking Consultant directly to request a transfer.

Withdraw euros at ATM
Banco Popular offers withdrawal of euros from its ATMs located around the island: Ponce (Plaza Caribe Mall), Mayagüez (Calle Suau), Arecibo (Calle San Luis) and Santurce (Calle Dr. Pavía) with your Regular ATH® card from any financial institution.

Euro Withdrawal from ATM at the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport

Only Banco Popular enables you to withdraw euros at the ATMs located at the American Airlines Terminal and International Flights, Terminal C. Denominations are €50 and can be obtain with a regular debit card from any banking institution. BPPR clients are permitted a limit of €3,000 per day 3. Limits permitted to other clients with regular ATH® cards are established by their financial institutions.  ATMs offer rates updated daily as per the foreign currency international market.

Price Movement Charts
Provide comparative information about foreign currencies. It is used by persons who want to invest in foreign currencies.

Rate Certifications available
We provide confirmation of exchange rates at specific dates for purposes of inheritance, excise taxes, accounting and asset distribution.

For orientation or additional information about our products and services, please call the Foreign Exchange Department at (787) 722-3240.