Banco Popular has recognized the important and unique banking needs of private and corporate depositors or investors, who are  non-residents of Puerto Rico. There is an attractive law disposition that covers this type of relations.  As a result, on February 1993, the Bank established the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico International Banking Center (IBC) .   This Popular operation is the only one that exists  in Puerto Rico. 

We offer retail customers various types of products and services, tailored to your specific personal or business needs. 

We have various deposit and investment accounts for individuals and credit products with attractive terms and conditions. 

For small businesses and Corporate customers, the IBC offers deposit products with checking,  savings or investment option and a credit line option tied to the account, credit cards,  commercial loans and a wide range of Cash Management Services to facilitate your business operations. 

The International Banking Center’s specialized staff works  on an individual basis  with each retail or business customer to address banking needs exceed their expectations, as part of the Center’s mission. 

We invite you to access the different sections to familiarize yourself with our products designed for you.

If you would like more information, you can contact the International Banking Center directly by calling 787-723-7210 or 787-723-7216.