TeleBanco Popular®

Your bank, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call 787.724.3659 now
or 787.724.3650 for Spanish.

Contact TeleBanco Popular® at any time and use our automated line, without having to speak to a service representative, to:

Check your balances 

Make transfers and payments 

Activate your debit card and assign or change PIN

Cancel your debit or credit card

Request photocopies of bank statements or checks

Stop payment on a check

In addition, you can contact one of our representatives to:

  • Apply5 for credit cards, loans, and reserve lines of credit
  • Receive guidance on opening accounts
  • Obtain information on products and services

Greater convenience with CallBack

At times of high call volume, when the free CallBack service is available, you can ask for us to return your call without losing your turn or schedule an appointment6 for another day.

What would you like to do? / Options guide

  • Check balances and get information about your accounts, credit cards, loans, lines of credit, and car leases without having to speak to a service representative.

  • Make payments and transfers between accounts, stop payments, and request photocopies of checks or account statements without having to speak to a service representative.

    To make payments press 1.
    Then press 1 to pay using code number, or 2 to pay using the list of payees.
    Enter the payee code, followed by the asterisk sign. Enter the amount to be paid, use asterisks to separate dollars and cents, and press pound.
    Press 1 to confirm payment for today or 2 to set a future date.

  • Cancel your credit or debit card, change or request a new PIN, and activate an ATH® debit card without the need to speak to a service representative.

  • Contact a service representative for more information and/or to apply for one of our products or services.

  • Contact a service representative for Internet Banking support. Learn more about Mi Banco here.

  • Contact a service representative for Infinite or Black Dual cards or for information on investment products and retirement plans.

  • Contact a service representative for claims, service or if you need additional information. You can also check out our Help Center’s frequently asked questions.

Contact our offices directly

Mi Banco Online Support: 787.724.3655
Credit Card Fraud: 787.777.8464
ATH® Fraud: 787.773.5100
Credit Card Service Center: 787.758.0505
Popular Auto Service: 787.792.9282
Popular Mortgage Service: 787.775.1100
Consumer Credit Service Division: 787.771.2777, 787.522.1525
Business Banking Support Center: 787.756.3939
Telemarketing: 787.724.3653

See the full list of options.

Check balances, make payments, and make transfers and deposits through Mi Banco

Do more with Mi Banco

United States and Virgin Islands: 1-888-724-3650 (Spanish) or 1-888-724-3659 (English)
Telephone service available for the hearing impaired (TDD) 787.753.9677 or 1.800.981.9666.