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We are constantly developing new functionalities within our products in order to keep you safe.  Here you can learn how we protect you from fraud and tips on how you can protect yourself.

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​Beware fraudulent schemes for mobile devices

  • These are the most frequent kind of fraud. Some examples of this kind of fraud include phone calls saying you have won a prize from a contest you did not enter or that one of your family members has been kidnapped.

  • A new kind of fraud is the development of applications and web platforms that simulate the official platform of a financial institution, with the intent of stealing information.

    Popular is the author or developer of our applications. If Popular is not the developer, the application is fake. Fake apps are also usually promoted in places outside your device’s “App Store” or “Google Play”, and they include a download fee.

  • These are text messages where scammers masquerade as a trusted person or company in what seems to be an official electronic communication, looking to get insider information from you, or asking you to click on a malicious link. Never respond to a text message asking for personal or financial information.

  • Programs or files containing viruses and malware may affect your smartphone the same way they affect computers. If your device is enabled, you should install an antivirus program to prevent the theft of personal information and financial data. Safeguard the information in your smartphone or table by making a backup. This will allow you to recover your information if your device is attacked by a hacker.

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